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Mission Statement

Gunz of Steel aims to showcase the strength and creativity of women and non-binary people by providing an inclusive venue where they can strut their stuff. Our events raise money for local non-profits that support women and the queer community here in Baltimore. 
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Gunz of Steel is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Creativity Grant from Maryland State Arts Council in 2023!

The Masterminds

Erin Stellmon

aka Atomica

Erin Stellmon Gunz of Steel

Amanda Dice

Amanda Dice Gunz of Steel
Erin is an artist and radio DJ who found her way from the wild west to Charm City. Here, she has trained a small army of arm wrestlers of all strengths and abilities. 
Amanda is a performance artist loving life in beautiful Baltimore City. She is a mid-Atlantic lifer committed to connecting communities through creative projects. 

Previous fundraisers:

Black Women Build - Baltimore

Baltimore Safe Haven


Baltimore Cease Fire


House of Ruth

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